About Me

Hi, I’m Giselle Mills.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved reading and writing. My passion for the literary arts was fostered by my mother, who encouraged my siblings and me to read widely and voraciously. Nightly bedtime stories fuelled my imagination and ignited my creativity. Such was my love for literature that by the age of seven, I had written, illustrated and dramatised several tales of my own. It was my dream that one day, my stories would be published in book form, just like my favourite childhood authors.

I put my dream of publishing on hold to pursue a career in law. I graduated from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, in 2014 with a Bachelor of Laws degree, and gained a Legal Education Certificate from the Hugh Wooding Law School in 2016. Throughout my years of study and working as an attorney-at-law, my dream of becoming a published writer stayed alive and ever-present in the forefront of my mind. I was determined to make my dream a reality.

Finally, in September 2018, I decided to seize the reins of my publishing destiny and self-published my first novel, “Through It All”. That same year, I had the honour of having my novel be used by the University of the West Indies as the main text for analysis in the Caribbean Civilisation course. Since then, I have published a non-fiction guidebook for law students entitled, “How to Survive Law School: Year 1” and have been working on other writing projects.

Suffice it to say, I enjoy creating and consuming the written word. Currently, I am actively building my freelance writing and proofreading business. When I am not working, I enjoy travelling, drawing, watching movies and reading novels.

Would you like to work on a project with me? If so, feel free to contact me via email. I look forward to working with you.